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Nippon Kogaku or Nikon as it is now known.
Early Japanese binoculars used German optical glass but the deteriorating international situation
made the domestication of optical-glass manufacturing an urgent priority.
Nikon was founded in 1917 and within a year had built a test furnace and began manufacturing
their own glass components, which it still does to this day.

MIKRON In 1921, Nikon released its Mikron compact binoculars
to much acclaim for their high performance

This binocular is fully working and aligned.
It has "Made in Occupied Japan" engraved on the upper left prism cover
which you may just see in photo 3.
The serial number is 2091479 and it has its original case and cord.
The photo's may be deceptive as the binocular is only 9cm x 5cm x 4cm.




An unusual and probably rare binocular as I have never seen another one, Spanish "Dienstglas" 6x30.
The prism covers are engraved "Anteojo Binocular 6x30"
and "FM" inside three circles.
The binocular is exactly the same as the WWII German Service Issue models and has the same individual focussing eyepieces and all of the other components are exactly the same.
It had been crudely painted so I have stripped the paint to show the brass.
the optics are of course clean, unchipped and aligned.





Ross Gun sighting scope NPL 1915
clean optics and smooth focus.
complete with original box. £65

It weighs 7.9 kilos.

Spare Parts     for REL 6x30 and many different prisms REL / Bausch & Lomb 6x30 spares including
new prisms and eyelenses now available

George Culver Ltd Trench periscope
Type 27 1917
MOD Arrows .



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