Carl Zeiss Jena Jenoptem
and Deltrintem 8x30.

We now have a supply of eyecups for the popular Zeiss Jena Jenoptem 8x30 binocular.
Jenoptems have the same thread as Deltrintems 
but the centre hole is larger.
They fit both models.
These simply screw on over the eyelens.
They cost £9 each plus ppi at £4 but if you want a pair the ppi is still only £4
          Pictures below showing size.

If your C Zeiss Jena binocular eyecup fitting measures 29mm across the thread around the eyelens or a six figure serial number, then you have a model made in Japan and you need a different eyecup.
We have a stock at the same price as the German ones. £9. Plus ppi.  Some older German models have an eyecup with a  26mm thread and even some with 29mm  thread so please make sure you ask for the  right size for your binocular.

Carl Zeiss Jena Jenoptem and Dekarem10x50

We also have a supply of eyecups to the  Zeiss Jena 10x50 Binouclar

Price £9 each plus p.p.i of £4

Zeiss Jena Notarem eyecups.

The original rubber fold down eyecups from Germany are no longer available but we have a supply of alternative eyecups at £18 each
plus ppi ( £4)

The cups on the left are original and 17mm high.
They are no longer available.
The cups in the middle and right are 20mm high 
and are shown from the top and from the bottom
but they have exactly the same thread to fit the Notarem models.
The original cups were fitted to a steel ring which has to be removed
before the new ones will screw on.
All fold down for spectacles or sunglasses
The replacements can be supplied in Black or a rather nice Grey/Blue.

Leitz/Leica 7x35 8x32 8x40 and 10x40

14mm eyerelief Green or Black 

7x42 19mm Eyerelief Green or Black

Price £16 each plus postage

Zeiss West Dialyt in Black

3 Versions are available

8x56 with logo is on the front as in the photo below

10x40 with external thread

Note 8x30B Porro not available

For Roof prism 8x30 version contact Zeiss

Price £18 plus postage

American REL and Bush & Lomb 6x30 eyecups

Price £9 plus postage