REL and Bausch & Lomb 6x30
WW2 Spare Parts 

REL was an collaboration between Ross of England and Bausch & Lomb of US to set up a binocular manufacturing in Canada to supply Britain with binoculars.  This is why the spares will fit both binocular from WW2. 

If you are not sure or if you don't see a part you need please feel free to call us on 02380842801

  1. Complete Eye Assembly  This has all lenses, Spacers, Lock Ring ,Eye Cup, Focus Ring and Guide Tube that attaches to the body
  2. Eye lens Holder. This holds the eye lens in place. Lenses don't come with it but we have some.
  3. Eye Lens Locking Ring, this locks all the lenses in place
  4. Prism Strap and screws. Hold the Prism to the Prism Plate
  5. Prism cover. Stops the light from scattering as it passes through the prism
  6. Prism Plate. Holds the prisms in place and makes the binocular work. we have left and right sides
  7. Complete Prism Housing, this has both top and bottom prisms + straps and the prism plate. We have left and right sides
  8. Complete Front Lens Assembly and cone. Comes with Front Cone, Lens Holder and Lock Ring, Alignment Adjustment Ring.
  9. Front Cone. Holds the Front Lens housing to the body
  10. Front Lens Housing. This holds the Front Lens in place, along with 
    10A Front Lens Locking Ring this locks the lens in to the Front Lens Housing
  11. Alignment Adjustment Ring this sets the alignment for the binocular along with the Front Housing holder
  12. Vanity Plate this was used to cover up the black wax that was used to water proof the binoculars and help to keep water out
  13. Front Cone Cover Ring this fit over the Front Cone and makes it all look nice

We also have 3 left and right side complete prism housing in original wraping for sale