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Nikon 10x25 CFIII

Refurbished by me so clean and aligned optics and smooth focus.
A lovely little light weight compact with a strap and case.  £30

Pentax 8x-20x24 

Refurbished by me and I have been using it for a while 
to see if a zoom this size really works and it does.
The optics are clean and aligned and the zoom and focus are very smooth. £39

Forest Optics compact 8x21 ED which means extra bright and clear images. 
In a smart leather case. This only weigh 210 grms. Only 1 left @ £60 incl postage
  with rubber fold down eyecups.

The 10x25 version still with ED glass. Smart leather case. Only 3 left @ £75 each incl postage.

Forest Optics 10x25

Pocket size compact Reverse porro design 10x25 complete with case, caps, strap and box. £58

Dowling & Rowe 12x30 compact complete with case strap and box £46

Helios Sprite IV UCF 7x18. One of the smallest, take with you anywhere, compact binocular.
It also has a wide angle view of 9.3 degrees.
Shirt pocket size but has a case that you can wear on your belt.   £26

Tasco CR 168 10x25 camouflaged rubber armoured. Proper glass and metal construction.  £38