A range of Helios Binoculars plus two Tasco Essential models.

Helios Nitrosport range.  Light weight, easy to handle, all have BaK4 high index prisms silver coated with the 42 mm also having phase correction. Water proof, nitrogen filled, fog proof, rubber armoured and twist-up eyecups. Complete with rain guard, straps and case.
   8x34  £62,   10x34  £62.  8x42 £77  10x42  £77.

Mistral Range.  Light weight polycarbonate construction, BaK4 prisms and fully multi-coated optics,water proof, nitrogen filled, fog proof, rubber armoured, twist-up eyecups. Complete with case, straps, caps and rain guard.

8x32  £83   10x32  £87,  8x42  £95,  10x42  £98.

8x42 ED  has phase correction coated prisms and extra low dispersion optics. £134

The Lightwing range. Exceptionally bright using BaK4 prisms phase and dielectric coated,
fully broad band multi-coated optics, water proof, nitrogen filled, fog proof,
near focus , rubber armoured and twist-up eyecups. Complete with straps, caps and case.
8x32  £125,  10x32  £125,  8x42  £133,   10x42  £133
ED version 8x42 and 10x42  £169

Ultrsport range. Fully multi-coated optics, high index BaK4 prisms, light weight, rubber armoured, water proof, fog proof, nitrogen filled and twist-up eyecups. Complete with straps, caps and case.
8x42  £99,  10x42  £99

Fieldmaster 7x50 rubber armoured, centre focus, fully multi-coated optics,
Bak4 prisms, fold down eyecups, long eye relief. £50 

Fieldmaster 8x40 same specification  £44

The Naturesport Range.
Naturesport Zoom 8x-20x50. Bk-7 prisms,fully multi-coated optics, integral tripod bush, fold down eyecups.   £86.

Naturesport Plus high resolution 7x50. BaK-4 prisms, multi-coated optics, long eye relief with over sized eye lenses.
Twist up eyecups for spectacle wearers. Integral tripod bush. Rubber covered.  £86
Naturesport Plus 10x50 wide angle, BaK-4 prisms, multi-coated optics, rubber covered,long eye relief, 
over sized eye lenses, twist up eyecups to assist spectacle wearers. Tripod bush.  £86

Tasco Essentials 10x50 wide angle rubber covered. Fully coated optics. Centre focus. £32

Tasco Essentials 7x50. Wide angle. Rubbercovered. Fully coated optics. Centre focus.  £32