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German 25x105 dopplefernrohr.

This binocular was made by Schneider .It's in Northern Ireland but can be shipped over. Only fault that I can see is the filter knob is missing although the spigot and keeper screw still work the mechanism.There are two small "flower blossoms" in the objective assemblies.
Offers in the region of £6 K.


All my collectible stock of old models that have to go.
I'll describe their condition as most need attention. Dirty means the prisms need to be cleaned.
Make me an offer and / or request a photo or two.

Galilean Gregory Co. "The Strand NRA" Possibly 3x45
No name 2x20 in red lined case.
US pattern (Ross Solaross ) 11x63 Complete but RH bridge broken. Dirty
US Pattern (Ross Solaross) 11x63 s/n 52524. Good cond. Complete. Clean aligned plus case.
C P Goerz Neo Trieder 6x20 s/n 543096 Complete dirty cased
C P Goerz Trieder Binocle 9x20 s/n 23957 Complete dirty cased
C P Goerz Trieder Binocle 6x20 s/n 129614 Good cond but dirty cased
C P Goerz Berlin Trieder Binocle 9x20 "Capt Butchart Scottish Horse" Complete working dirty.
Negretti and Zambra Minisix 6x22 s/n 777650 Complete dirty cased
Stereo Lumina 6x30 Complete dirty one og cover stuck
C P Goerz Trieder Binocle 12x30 for spares.
N Watson and Sons. 6x30. Broad arrows. M crown T NPL15 s/n 12527 Complete dirty cased
N Watson and Sons 6x30 s/n 1770 NPL18 Broad silver arrows cased
Hensoldt Wetzlar 6x30 IF Graticle Complete dirty
A Kershaw 6x24 s/n 4673 Broad arrows on plates. Broad yellow arrows on bodies.
Complete dirty cased.
A Kershaw 6x30 s/n 15571. 1939 Bino Prism No 2 Mk 2 Complete. dirty.
Genuine British made Ross London.
9x35 Stepruva s/n 24134 for spares or repair. Front lock screw missing.
9x35 Stepruva s/n 19573 Complete dirty.
8x30 Steptron s/n 134354. Complete dirty cased.
8x30 Steplawe s/n 103683 one prism chipped but otherwise compete. Dirty. Cased.
7x30 Stepnada s/n 108397 so an early model. Complete dirty cased.
7x30 Stepnada s/n 137298 Complete dirty cased.
8x30 Steptron s/n 135297 Complete dirty cased.
7x30 Stepnada s/n 126235 Complete dirty cased.
7x30 Stepnada two serial numbers ? 140883 but the 4 is also engraved 2. Complete dirty cased
7x30 Stepnada s/n 110398 Complete dirty cased.
9x35 Stepruva s/n 106478 Complete dirty cased.
8x40 Spectaross s/n 41821 Complete dirty cased. OG's balsam showing at edges.
8x40 Spectaross s/n 12746 Complete dirty
8x35 Spectacle Solaross s/n 82248. Complete dirty one og scratched.
9x35 Stepruva s/n 104224 complete dirty cased.
9x35 Stepruva s/n 15628 Complete dirty one chip on prism
7x30 Stepnad Can't see a s.n. Complete dirty.
7x42 Solaross Front central cap missing dirty 
7x30 Stepnad s/n 137729 Complete dirty.
J Lizars Belfast Glasgow Etc "KRAM" 6x20 prism binocular s/n 73529
one chip on prism the rest a bit dirty. plus case.
Huet et Fils Sirie 8x20 s/n 2784. Complete dirty
Barr & Stroud CF 18 8x30 s/n 100342 Complete dirty
Barr & Stroud CF 18 8x0 s/n 16203 Complete dirty cased
Jules Huet & Co 6x24 French MOD Complete dirty cased.
C Zeiss Jena Deltrintis 8x30 Poor condition. Complete dirty.
San Giorgio ESA 6x30 Genova Sestri IF  bit dirty cased.
Regent 12x50 Black and silver Complete dirty cased.
French fake zeiss jens delturisem 12x30. poor cond. dirty cased.
Taylor Hobson 1943 Arrows. Bino prism No 2 Mk2 6x30 s/n 265219. Red gas turrets.
Taylor Hobson 6x30 Bino prism no 2 mk3 s/n 261902 plus case.
Ditto s/n 254266 and another 5
Wollensak Rochester 6x30 IF Complete small chip dirty cased.
Barr& Stroud CF 5 Mk 2 6x24 Complete but 2 pieces from covers. Dirty
Kaikosha 6x24 s/n 31793 Complete dirty
Russian bnu4 8x30 s/n 7548406
Russian bnu 12x40 s/n 7503216
Russian bnu2 12x40 s/n 7800905

Some new models at pre-owned prices.

Paralax Lotus 7x50. Zeiss style centre focus rubber covered.
New complete with case caps and straps.  Rubber fold down eyecups.  £34

Nippon Kogaku (Nikon) Mikron 6x15 individual eye focus.  Rare hence £190
Made in Occupied Japan

Steiner Senator 15x80.    In perfect condition £499
Balancing column with tripod bush and hard carry case.

Tasco Essentials 7x50

One only left. Brand new boxed and complete £35

Fieldmaster 7x50

Rubber armoured, centre focus, fully multi coated, BaK4 prisms, Long eye relief.  RRP 372.  My price £58Complete with case caps and strap. Boxed. New