Forest Optics ED 10x25 £90 or 8x21 £80

Shirt pocket size compacts that pack a punch. I have just compared the 10x25 with an identical Swarovski.
The Forest Optics has much better contrast and image quality. ED glass does work !
The smart leather case can be worn on your belt.

Nikon Travelite V 8x25 reduced now £50

This binocular is unique.
Only one like this with a blue finish. 
Case and strap.

Nikon Travelite CF III 10x25  reduced now £45

Same Nikon quality but a little older. 
Complete with case and strap.

Dowling & Rowe 12x30 £36

A little more powerful but still only 4.5 x 4.5 inches.
  Mint. Complete with box, case and strap.

Tasco CR168 CAMOUFLAGED 10x25 reduced now only £28

The box is a little tatty but the binocular is mint.
Complete with case and lanyard.
It is only 4.5 x 2.75 inches when closed

Mikron 6x15 first launched 1921.

Mikron (Nikon) made in occupied Japan 6x15 £140

Bushmaster 10x25

 pale grey/green rubber. New. Box, case and lanyard.
4.5x3 inches. £18

BinoPrism No 5 MONO 7x50

BinoPrism No5 MkII mono 7x50 £30.
Not strictly a compact but less than half a binocular.
British WW2 Navy .


I have only ever seen one of these.
 It has rectangular lenses to match the stage.
Comes in a blue cloth lined hard case.   reduced now only £55

Helios Symphony theater glasses 3x25

Choice of three models.
Pearl & gold
Black & gold
Champagne & silver.
£28 each.

Tasco Theatre glass 3x27

Black & silver in cloth pouch. £24