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Zeiss West binocular spares.

I have an 8x30 porro Zeiss binocular breaking for spares as the bodies broke apart.
I have used one prism and both OGs but all the other parts are available.

8x30 B porro one pair hard cups; one pair rubber covered;

4 other hard cups with different heights so if you just want one to match,
measure yours and let me know. £14 each cup.
10x40 Dialyt rubber fold down cups on metal thread £18 each cup.
10x40 Dialyt second hand pair £14
8x56 and 7x50 rubber fold down cups on metal thread £18 each cup.
Postage £4 any quantity per packet

C Zeiss Jena Jenoptem  10x50 £9 each. PPI £4 for one or two.
They also fit the Dekarem but see photo.
The original eyecups have not been available since 1990.

C Zeiss Jena Jenoptem / Deltrintem 8x30 .

Please take care to order the correct size for your model.
The most common size is 22 mm diameter thread but some are 27.15 mm.
Japanese made models take 27.15 or 28 mm and I have a few soft roll-down eyecups with 28 mm.
£9 each. Plus PPI £4 for one or two.

C Zeiss 10x50 Eyecup and knurled ring.

This is the other type of eyecup used on C Zeiss Dekarem 10x50.
The cup fits onto a thread inside the top of the knurled ring.
A new cup costs £9 and a ring is also £9 . Postage is £4