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Terrestrial Telescopes; additional eyepieces and accessories.

Acuter Natureclose ST65A 16x-48x65

Perfect for serious terrestrial observations
and actually very good for viewing the moon and the planets.
Waterproof and fits on a standard tripod.
Complete with a stay-on carry case.
The standard zoom lens covers from 16x to 48x .
Other fixed magnification lenses are available. See below. 
RRP £189.  My price £157

Replacement Zoom lens 

A better quality than the original Celestron etc zoom lens  is available for just £90
It gives a 16x-48x on a 60mm or 65 mm telescope 
Or 20x - 60x on an 80 mm 'scope.
Special order. Not currently in stock.

Fixed magnification eyepieces to fit 'scopes with 34.75mm screw thread mounts
such as Acuter Natureclose; Hawke Naturetrek; Celestron Ultima; Bushnell Spacemaster and Dowling & Rowe Fulmar.

 ME19 which gives  20x mag on a 60 or 65mm scope 
25x on an 80 mm or 28x on a 100mm £28

 Great for photography.
Mk 25 which gives 15x mag on a 60 or 65mm scope
19x on an 80mm or 22x on a 100 mm £28 £28