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Reticles for Telescopic Rifle Sights

I no longer offer a repair service for telescopic rifle sights
but I do have a number of different reticles.
I am happy to supply a quantity with a discount.

Duplex foil reticles. £4 plus postage.

These are not mounted so can be super glued to an existing mount in place of a damaged reticle.
The inner circle has a 20mm diameter.

21mm thread with 22.6 mm lip

this was fitted in 4x32 crossbow sights.  £5

TV Screen in 26mm diameter thread mount.

Duplex reticle in a TV shape. £5  Also available with full circle screen £5

21mm thread with 22.6 lip.

Duplex reticle in a mount with 21mm thread and a 22.6 mm lip. £5

Duplex Reticle with different threaded mount.  £5

The first one has a thread 22.68mm and the outer ring is 28mm across and fitted to the threaded part with three screws. 
These fitted 2x-7x32 ; 3x-9x32; 3x-9x38 and 3x-9x40 
Also available with 21.9mm thread or 20.85mm thread.

Lisenfeld reticle.

Reticle number 4 by Lisenfeld. 16.3mm thread 
Three thicker lines joined by top thinner line to form the cross. £5

28.5 mm across.

this does not have a mount but can be fitted with four screws. £5

29.8 mm split thread

You can just see the split in the threads which means as the screws are tightened, the reticle is stopped from moving in the 'scope. £8

22.75 mm thread 

The central aperture is 17mm across.  £5